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Rates & Services

Skin to skinThere are four primary reasons why parents give up breastfeeding:

  • It hurts.
  • You think you don’t have enough milk.
  • You have to go back to work and you don’t think you can breastfeed because of your schedule or lifestyle.
  • You’ve been waylaid by misinformation, i.e., you’ve heard anecdotal “nonevidence” that it’s too hard to breastfeed.

My approach is to educate breastfeeding parents about what they’re doing with HONEST, ACCURATE, TIMELY, RESPONSIBLE, PRACTICAL INFORMATION.

First, I will assess your situation. Then, I will discuss your breastfeeding goals, and come up with a specialized care plan to help you meet those goals. Last, I will help you implement the plan, and we will reevaluate as needed.

My Services/Resources:

    • In-home consultations
    • Breast pump rental
    • Breastfeeding devices as medically indicated
    • Phone support (unlimited for current clients, after initial consultation)
    • Email support

Concierge Breastfeeding Services:

Comprehensive, tailor-made solutions and strategies to meet your objectives for breastfeeding success.

This package will provide the breastfeeding family with four face-to-face visits with a board certified and registered lactation consultant. Phone consultations between visits to modify written care plans and answer questions.



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Introduction to Breastfeeding

Prenatal (34-36 weeks gestation)

Intro to breastfeeding

Trouble Shooting

Approximately 4-7 days of life

trouble shooting

Building Strong Foundation

Approximately 10-14 days of life

building strong foundation

Long-Term Success

Four to six weeks after birth

long term success

asian mom breastfeeding smallHours and Fees:

Hours: By appointment only. Weekend times available.

Fees: Preferred provider with Aetna. Superbill available for other insurance plans. Home visit is $275, flat fee and most visits are 1.5-2 hours. Office visit is according to time. $125 for the first hour then prorated in 15 minute increments.

Payment Methods: Check, cash, Visa Mastercard Discover American Express

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phone: (703) 795-1994