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The Breastfeeding Lady on Breastfeeding

All you need to breastfeed is a baby and breasts. Sometimes, though, life throws you a curve ball … that’s when you call the Breastfeeding Lady!

YawnbabyI prefer to keep it simple when dealing with breastfeeding challenges; however, I am aware of the benefits of some of the so-called modern devices that some parents choose to use to help them through a difficult time. To that end, I can help you make proper use of interventions to support breastfeeding.

I believe that breastfeeding is about empowerment. Breastfeeding teaches a parent that they're able to sustain the life they hold in their arms, that they are uniquely equipped to care for their child. Breastfeeding helps give a parent the confidence to become their child’s advocate, as well as an advocate for themself. It buttresses a parent's belief in themself, allowing them to see in greater relief that they have incredible strength within. I believe that breastfeeding your baby can change your life, leading to greater self-awareness and greater confidence in your parenting ability and skill through the intimate bond of breastfeeding. I ask parents: Why do you think your body could nourish a baby for nine months, and then simply stop doing so? In other words, just because your baby is now on the outside of your body, it doesn’t mean that your baby no longer needs what your body can provide. In fact, breastfeeding is not only best for your baby, it’s best for you, too – on so many levels! Breastfeeding will teach you things you never knew about yourself, your family and the world.

I’m not here to judge a parent’s decisions, rather I’m here to educate them and assist parents in meeting their goals with good information and practical strategies for solving problems.