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The Breastfeeding Lady is on sabbatical. See the home page for a list of consultants you may contact

The Breastfeeding Lady

Please contact one of the following Lactation Consultants while The Breastfeeding Lady is on sabbatical

Dalaney Young (720) 234-3643
Virginia including Arlington, Alexandria, Woodbridge, Stafford


Angela Love-Zaranka, IBCLC, is The Breastfeeding Lady. A board-certified lactation consultant, Angela has worked with nursing parents and their children for over 20 years.

Angela's approach is to educate breastfeeding parents about what they’re doing with HONEST, ACCURATE, TIMELY, RESPONSIBLE, PRACTICAL INFORMATION.

Services Offered:

  • In-home consultations
  • Breastfeeding devices as medically indicated
  • Phone support (unlimited for current clients, after initial consultation)
  • Email support