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PJ Limerick

The Breastfeeding Lady is proud to offer rental and sale of the PJ's Bliss and PJ's Comfort breast pumps by Limerick. The PJ's Limerick breastpumps are versatile, lightweight, compact and multi-user. The PJ's Comfort is effective to establish or increase milk production and is an excellent choice for mothers who are not able to nurse their babies at the breast (either short or long-term) and for working mothers.  The PJ's Bliss is effective for maintaining a milk supply and an excellent choice for working moms.

  • RENTAL:  Rental fee for the PJ’s Comfort breastpump is $20 per week or $65 for the first month and $55 per month after the first month.  Mothers must own a personal kit, available for $49.95.
  • PURCHASE:  Two options, which include a personal pump kit:
    • The PJ’s Bliss breastpump is available for $279. It comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty.
    • The PJ's Comfort breast pump is available for $595. It comes with a three year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • RENT TO OWN:  The best of both worlds!  With a one year rental, the PJ’s Comfort pump is yours.  

PjsComfortPumpWhy The PJ's Comfort and Bliss Breast Pump?

PJ's Comfort Breast Pump is...

effective.  Hospital-based research has shown that PJ's Comfort Pump is effective in establishing milk production for mothers of preterm babies.  Years of service in the workplace indicate that PJ's Comfort Pump is effective in maintaining milk production for working mothers.

versatile.  Effective enough that it can be used by mothers needing to establish or increase a milk supply, economical enough to be used by working moms.

comfortable.  The breast cups are made of a soft silicone, rather than the hard plastic that other multi-user pumps utilize.  Mothers rave about how comfortable this pump is.

simple.  The look of the pump is soft and simple. Analog dials are easy to operate. Separate dials for speed AND suction allow you to mimic your baby’s unique sucking pattern.  The soft silicone breast cups mold to each mother's breast, making it unnecessary to guess which flange size you will need for effective pumping. One size fits all! 

portable.  The PJ's Comfort breast pump is compact, weighs only a pound and a half, and can be easily transported in its’ small, well-organized tote.

easy to clean.  There are only two parts of the kit to take apart and clean.

environmentally friendly.  The PJ's micro-filter allow the pump to be used by many women, therefore, a reusable product.

Limerick, the maker of the PJ's Comfort and Bliss Pump has...

strong company values.  The company is run by a mother-daughter team, who are board certified lactation consultants.  This company is WHO code compliant, which means they do not market bottles and nipples directly to new mothers, unlike some major manufacturers of breast pumps.  Limerick gives back to the local community as well as participates in cause marketing to support the indigenous people of Latin America. Beginning in 2015, PJ Limerick will be partnering with military moms to help lower enlisted women have access to a breastpump when they return to active duty (usually within 6-8 weeks)

longevity.  Limerick has been around since 1992 and the PJ's Comfort Pump has been in existence since 1997.  Why haven't you heard of it before?  The PJ's Comfort Pump has been, until recently, exclusively used in their Workplace Lactation Programs and haven't been available to the wider public.  Now, the PJ's Comfort and Bliss Pump is moving into hospitals and the retail market.

If you'd like to learn more about the PJ's Comfort breast pump, see FAQs on the Limerick website.

Medela Breastpump Rentals

$3.00 per day with a 10 day minimum.  Monthly rates: $75 for the first month and $65 per month after first month.




Autocycle (suck/release) 









Stimulation and expression phase

One knob controls speed/vacuum

8.4 lbs

Full supply of Medela and PJ Limerick replacement parts

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